Townhouse Quilt

20 Things I Learned from the Townhouse Quilt (Part 2)

Welcome back!  I decided it would be better to break up the posts in order to make them easier to read.  I personally get fidgety if I have to sit and read something for a long period of time so I hope you are ready to read the next 5 things I have learned.


#6 – How to not be afraid of my large hoops

With my first embroidery machine I could only embroider with a 4 inch by 4 inch hoop.  This hoop was small, but it did a great job for the year I used it.  In comparison the largest hoop I can embroider in at the moment is 14 inches long and 8 inches wide.  If we are comparing their sizes I could fit 7 of my original hoops into the largest one I can use now.  It will come as no surprise when I say I had to use my largest hoop for this project.  When I started it was VERY intimidating.  By the 6,7,8…blocks I was so comfortable I no longer had to think about if I was going to bump it and mess up the machine some how.


#7 – How to Multi-Task During Stitchout

I am rather anxious about new things, and even by the 7th block I still faced a certain amount of dread that I would sit down to begin my task and the machine wouldn’t work.  To quell the desire to sit in front of my machine for hours on end, singing out my lungs to Hillary Duff, I decided I could watch, sing, and crochet another baby blanket for a friend.  Each stitch out takes about an hour and a half.  All together I have spent a whole day with this quilt, and countless other hours with pandora and my yarn.

P.S. – For anyone who is like me and likes to crochet, but does not know where to begin with a baby blanket.  I suggest Bernat Baby Yarn and a size N needle.  I personally did not follow a pattern.  I created a chain 101 across and then half-double crocheted my way through 5 balls of yarn.  


#8 – How to know what fabric you like, and impulse buy it

My husband, Justin, will probably roll his eyes when he reads this number.  He really is wonderful and happily (begrudgingly) goes to fabric and quilt stores with me.  The day I bought the colors you are seeing in my quilt he sadly was not with me.  I walked into Quilted Strait (Port Gamble, WA) with my friend Nicole and I saw this beautiful display of colors by the front door.  The Hungry Caterpillar fabric line by Andover Fabrics is ultimate vibrant color wheel.  When I saw them I knew I would be taking a few of it’s solid fabrics home with me.  What I did not know was how soon I would be starting a project with them.  The moral of this lesson is: YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU WILL REALLY NEED THAT FABRIC.  SO BUY IT!!


#9 – Why I buy cones of thread

As a quilter I learned a very important lesson about small spools of thread.  If you use the same color all the time for piecing, you will run out fast.  When I started going to The Quilted Rose, in San Diego, I discovered cones of thread.  These cones usually hold upwards of 3,000 yards of thread.  That is a lot of thread!  Nicole recently finished one of the cones after a solid year of piecing.  Knowing this, I bought a cone of thread (6000 yards wow!) before I began my townhouse blocks. I thought using the same color I would go through a lot of thread.  Boy did I.  I can’t accurately measure how much thead I used.  I did take a photo from two different view to display.  The darker thread is the one I used for the townhouse buildings.  The orange thread is a brand new cone.


#10 – Design’s Look Better In Person

At the end of block 10 I had two rows of buildings I could line up one next to the other.  When I started this project I did have some hesitation about my color choices and also the background.  I did not use a solid white, but instead opted for my new go-to Michael Miller’s White Fairy Frost.  The original design also had different colors.  It had red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.  I did not care for the red or orange so they became pink and purple.  What I learned and what I always tell my friends is you don’t have to like the design colors.  Colors can be changed and should be to personalize it.

I hope everyone enjoyed today’s post.  I hope to see you next time in Part 3!


If you somehow ended up here and have not read Part 1 I would love for you to!

If you would like to keep reading please visit Part 2

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