New Year of Resolutions

This year I decided to make embroidery my new years resolution.  For those of you just starting out or who have never heard of machine embroidery period let this be a warning.  Just like an obsession with fabric, thread, cats, or anything really, embroidery designs are everywhere. I really like a good sale.  That being said I can go a bit nuts when my favorite embroidery design site goes on sale.  Please check out the link below and follow them out their social media outlets.


As for my ‘New Year’s Resolution’ I vowed to actually put my diamond to the test and start doing a series of posts showcasing some of the designs I own.  While I did not follow through on this resolution here on my blog, I did start using my instagram and posted my almost daily progress of an Anita Goodesign quilt.  The Townhouse Quilt has been on my list of favorites since it was debuted in 2017.  I loved the way it looked but was not quite so sure about the color block technique.

I attended an event at the beginning of January geared toward’s fans of Anita Goodesign.  It was here that I met Peggy and Lois who were both my partners for this Anita’s University.  On the second day Peggy brought in her completed townhouse quilt to show us.  It was spectacular and I went straight home and started working on mine.   Please see my next post ‘Lessons I learned from my townhouse quilt’ to see the evolution of the whole project.  As of today, the quilt is quilted and only needs to be bound.

I think as resolutions go I am actually doing fairly well.  They say it takes 21 days of doing something to make it a habit, and I have been keeping on this quilt one day at a time.

Thanks for stopping by and you will hear from me soon.


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