Embroidery to The Next Level

A year ago, my mother gifted me a used embroidery machine.  It was a Husqvarna Viking Rose, it only had 3 hoops and it was the cutest little machine.  At the time I had never embroidered anything, I did not even know where to begin.  So I began learning and practicing….learning and practicing more.  At the time I was living in San Diego and a group of quilting ladies invited me to their embroidery group.  Realising it would be an awesome chance to learn more from about embroidery I started going once a month.  What I learned, was that my machine was great at small projects.  I also learned there were machines out there that could do a lot more.  So I began saving my pennies and in November brought home my Husqvarna Diamond Deluxe.

To say that my diamond was a game changer would be completely true.  In the past two months I have embroidered full size throw pillow shams, hefty bath towels, a door hanger for my in-laws, and countless other items.  I have learned so much already and I continue to broaden my horizons.

I already have a quite extensive embroiery design collection.  I have created this blog to test out those designs and combine them into really exciting projects.  Take a look at a few projects I have finished in my gallery below.

Thank you for visiting and come back soon.


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